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Expose blind spots at every step of your project

The 1st project team performance analytics tool, helping project leaders increase project success with actionable insights when it matters most.

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Identify issues before they happen

Don’t wait to find out what caused your project to derail after it already happened. Discover issues at the earliest stage.

Less time gathering feedback

Automate feedback loops from your team and stakeholders. Let us gather, analyze and feed you with time-critical insights.

Make informed decisions, faster

Don’t use your intuition anymore to make decisions. Let Perflo discover areas for improvement using our holistic data analysis.

Empowering the
people in projects.

As project leads you spend the majority of your time on process, plans and timelines, however the key ingredient to project success is the people behind them. Perflo was designed for this exact purpose - enable project leads and their teams to stay aligned and empowered throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Our goal is to help organizations leverage people data to accelerate project performance.

Zero onboarding required

Built by industry leaders

Plugs in seamlessly

Backed by science

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Make decisions faster with
quicker access to insights.

Projects are all about staying on track and preventing potential issues from derailing your project. In order to achieve this, it is critical to pinpoint these potential issues before they begin to affect your project. Perflo detects these issues at the very early stages, helping you to increase the probablity of your project being a success.

Project critical insights

Team engagement

Stakeholder insights

Misalignment identification

Measure team alignment, health and trends across all projects

See what industry leaders are saying...

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor

Previous Head of PMO Siemens, Kronos

“Having led some of the largest PMOs in the world I clearly recognise the value gap that Perflo will address in the almost untouched area of project team performance, the next quantum leap in project success. Projects are about people, and people deliver project success, this is a critical investment for any organisation.”

Ohad Ivry

Ohad Ivry

Head of People Tech Weizmann Institute Of Science

“Perflo got it right! Their solution is a perfect fit for today’s remote working and project-based environment. Measuring performance and team satisfaction is challenging – and Perflo’s solution makes it that much easier and simpler to do so.”

Alan Colquitt

Alan Colquitt

Former Head of Organizational Effectiveness Eli Lilly

“There are very few products like Perflo that focus on team performance and none that I am aware of that focus on project performance. Needs for this type of product will only grow in the future as work becomes even more team based and project based.”


Rob Ollander-Krane

Former Head of Performance Gap

“I am impressed with Perflo's take on performance. Its something I haven't seen in the PM technology marketplace to date. Being able to access already existing project management plans and leveraging them in a PM platform saves time and makes PM more aligned with everyday business”

Jolanda Ekkerd

Jolanda Ekkerd

Organizational Psychologist

“Perflo is a refreshing new user-friendly system perfect for companies who nurture and support open and active collaboration between leaders and team members. The way of the future, perfect 20-20 vision.”

Loshen Naidoo

Loshen Naidoo

Head of Total Rewards, Goldfields

“A system like Perflo where flexible teams can be assembled and disassembled based on project needs, tracked on tangible outcomes, and able to collaborate virtually, will unlock value for companies and cut through much of the frustration that the current system fosters among its users.”


A tool built based upon
decades of research.

Perflo, along with industry leaders have combined various pieces of proven research to create a new formula for project success, largely based on two core ideas:

What makes up a high-performing team?

Combining hundreds of bits of research, we tailored them to apply specifically to project-based teams.

What makes up a successful project?

Analyzing all the research we narrowed down on 6 key themes which are critical for project success.

Remove the guesswork.

Start gaining deeper insights into your organization’s project performance and leverage the untapped world of people data for accelerated project success.


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Stay where your team already lives

Perflo easily plugs in with your existing tools so your team doesn’t have to learn and use ‘yet another’ app.


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