Enabling High-Performance Project Teams

The new way to measure performance and increase alignment in your project-based teams.

Our Mission

Improve the way teams execute projects and help them to reach optimal levels of performance & alignment.

“There is a clear mismatch between the way people in companies are evaluated and motivated, and the way people actually execute work on a day to day basis. It's time to redesign oudated processes in order to accomodate the new style of working in the new world of work".

Bentzy Goldman

Founder, Perflo

In The Flow Of Work

Perflo bridges the gap between project & performance management through continuous feedback loops.


What People Are Saying About Perflo...

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“I am impressed with Perflo's take on performance management. Its something I haven't seen in the PM technology marketplace to date. Being able to access already existing project management plans and leveraging them in a PM platform saves time and makes PM more aligned with everyday business”.

Rob Ollander-Krane

Head Of Talent Planning, GAP Inc

The World We Dream Of...

Clearer Expectations

Where team members are always crystal clear on their expectations.

Where performance measures are proactive and not reactive, set out in a collaborative way.

Optimal Productivity & Alignment

Where teams truly work together to achieve a collective vision, not compete to achieve their own individual goals.

Where transparency is the norm between team leaders, team members and stakeholders.

Seamless Workflows

Where technology products adapt to our own unique style of working instead of restricting us to theirs.

Products that facilitate rather than mandate, and products that are built to inspire and not just to function. 

Meaningful Insights

Where 'task complete' is considered a vanity metric and outcomes are measured, not hours.


We dream of a world where unique and actionable insights enable positive change in real-time.

This is the world we're building...

Did You Know?


of projects fail, although business units will report only 30% fail.


of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects.


growth in companies that correlated business performance to HR data  


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