Keep a Pulse on Your Project Team

Perflo helps project teams to be more aligned by automating feedback loops and providing team leads with the insights they need to run high-performing teams. 

In The Flow Of Work

Increase the probability of project success with Perflo

Monitor Project Team Health

Perflo brings managers a deeper level of awareness on the state of their project teams. We track specific factors which have been proven to exist within high-performing project teams.

Learn From The Data

With a brand new set of performance data of your organization's project teams at your disposal, you can now build stronger teams and execute more successful projects in the future. 

Measure Team Performance

With Perflo you get rich, real-time insights on your team's performance and engagement in relation to the projects they're working on. Understand the deeper causes of both low and high performance within your project teams. 

Detect Misalignment Early On

No other tool can give you a defined read on alignment like Perflo. We analyze potential misalignment between project leaders, members and stakeholders and alert you when your project team is going in different directions.

Ohad Ivry

Head Of HR Tech, Weizmann Institute Of Science

“Perflo got it right! Their solution is a perfect fit for today’s remote working & project-based environment. Measuring performance and team satisfaction is challenging – and Perflo’s solution makes it that much easier and simpler to do so.”

Did You Know?


of projects fail, although business units will report only 30% fail.


of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects.


is the average amount lost for every $1B spent on projects

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