Perflo Project Team Performance Analytics

Leverage micro-feedback and team insights to start leading hybrid teams effectively

Perflo empowers teams and organizations with the capabilities they need to measure what matters, and continuously improve - using data.

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No more manual team surveys

Let Perflo automate micro-reviews and team pulses to draw on the collective insights of your team and stakeholders - less work and more insights.

Don't wait till things go wrong

Identify issues as they arise and avoid putting out fires with timely insights into your project’s performance and team health.

Gain new visibility into your teams

Using ‘task complete’ as the core metric for project health isn’t going to cut it anymore. Start uncovering deeper insights into your virtual teams.


Stay where your team already lives

Perflo easily plugs in with your existing tools so your team doesn’t have to learn and use ‘yet another’ app.


Microsoft Teams

Reimagine the way you deliver projects by mobilizing team intelligence

Anyone that has led or been part of a team understands that issues always creep up during projects and team dynamics change as the team evolves. For a team to be successful - effective communication is paramount.

Managers have been using limited information to monitor the health of their teams and to report on the progress of their projects. Whether it be data from project tools or simply intuition - managers lack the true visibility they need to manage teams effectively. As teams go virtual, the risk of low visibility increases.

At Perflo we know the missing piece to team success starts and ends with the team, not the tasks. Perflo’s approach is to leverage team member’s collective intelligence to create and sustain high-performing teams. It’s a world of untapped insights that has been proven to move the needle when it comes to running successful teams and delivering timely projects.

Zero onboarding required

Built by industry leaders

Plugs in seamlessly

Backed by science

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Start leveraging team data to increase team performance

Until now, HR held the keys to team data. That paradigm is shifting.

Waiting for a quarterly or yearly review doesn't give enough foresight before a project goes awry, team cohesion erodes, or a key deliverable is missed.

Perflo empowers managers to get insights faster - directly from the team, in a way that can be quantified.

Anonymized feedback on a weekly basis gives the team confidence to provide honest assessments that lead to actionable course corrections. The team feels listened to in a way that goes beyond agile retrospectives and continually improves your cycles for success.

Project critical insights

Team engagement

Stakeholder insights

Misalignment identification

Measure team alignment, health and trends across all projects

See what industry leaders are saying...

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor

Previous Head of PMO Siemens, Kronos

“Having led some of the largest PMOs in the world I clearly recognise the value gap that Perflo will address in the almost untouched area of project team performance, the next quantum leap in project success. Projects are about people, and people deliver project success, this is a critical investment for any organisation.”

Ohad Ivry

Ohad Ivry

HR Technologies Expert

“Perflo got it right! Their solution is a perfect fit for today’s remote working and project-based environment. Measuring performance and team satisfaction is challenging – and Perflo’s solution makes it that much easier and simpler to do so.”

Alan Colquitt

Alan Colquitt

Former Head of Organizational Effectiveness Eli Lilly

“There are very few products like Perflo that focus on team performance and none that I am aware of that focus on project performance. Needs for this type of product will only grow in the future as work becomes even more team based and project based.”


Rob Ollander-Krane

Former Head of Performance Gap

“I am impressed with Perflo's take on performance. Its something I haven't seen in the PM technology marketplace to date. Being able to access already existing project management plans and leveraging them in a PM platform saves time and makes PM more aligned with everyday business”

Jolanda Ekkerd

Jolanda Ekkerd

Organizational Psychologist

“Perflo is a refreshing new user-friendly system perfect for companies who nurture and support open and active collaboration between leaders and team members. The way of the future, perfect 20-20 vision.”

Loshen Naidoo

Loshen Naidoo

Head of Total Rewards, Goldfields

“A system like Perflo where flexible teams can be assembled and disassembled based on project needs, tracked on tangible outcomes, and able to collaborate virtually, will unlock value for companies and cut through much of the frustration that the current system fosters among its users.”

Remove the guesswork.

Start gaining deeper insights into your organization’s team performance and leverage the untapped world of people data for accelerated team success.


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