About Us

We like to think of ourselves as both ‘makers’ and ‘breakers’, breaking legacy management styles and making improvements in the way we work.


Our Mission

Help project teams be more successful using cutting edge research and technology.

Prior to starting Perflo, the founders had worked in various companies and across multiple industries, experiencing a variety of both great, and not so great managers, as well as worked in both low and high performing teams, and realized there were two things blocking everyone from being on the same page. Communication and incentives. Communication is broken in a lot of projects and we wanted to find a way technology could help us improve it. Incentives are another key reason why team alignment and project cohesion is negatively affected. Individual goals and individual rewards are the status quo, yet everyone works in teams, it doesn’t make sense? Many things bothered us about team management, performance and the way projects are managed. So we began to work with the experts and brought together proven methods to create a new formula for project success. We’re proud of what Perflo has turned into and we will continue to innovate in the space as well as act on the feedback from our customers and users. We hope to revolutionize the way teams execute projects around the world. Not for the sake of a revolution, for the sake of going to work on a Monday morning with a smile. :)


Our Team

The Perflo team is made up of diverse professional backgrounds, enabling us to foster creative ideas and build a unique product incorporating the experiences from each expert in their respective field. Our non-specialized approach allows us to innovate, void of bias or ingrained and dated methods.

Bentzy Goldman

Bentzy Goldman


Bentzy has worked in various areas of software startups as well as consulted organizations on business strategy. He is energized by finding better ways of doing things and the one that excites him most is how we work.

Ron Timoshenko

Ron Timoshenko


Ron has worked in software for almost two decades–the latter half of which was spent building and scaling high–performing distributed teams. Ron has a passion for building great products and high performance teams.

Anina Lambrechts

Anina Lambrechts

Head of Product Design

Anina has worked in Tech for over 9 years–solving complex design problems with a human-centric focus and simply making things usable. She is passionate about growth, productivity and career fulfilment.

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor


Peter successfully led PMOs globally, and now speaks and consultants on the topic of project management. He was named the world’s leading PMO influencer in 2020 and authored the book “The Lazy Project Manager”.

Alan L. Colquitt, Ph.D

Alan L. Colquitt, Ph.D


Alan has over 30 years of experience in organizational effectiveness, team assessment and team development. He is an independent consultant, Affiliate Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations and Adjunct faculty at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis.

Rob Ollander-Krane

Rob Ollander-Krane


Rob famously transformed Gap Inc.’s performance management process and speaks internationally on the topic, including business schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and USC. He now works with the Neuroleadership Institute, bringing the science of the brain into the workplace.

Kind Words

We don’t have employees, we have team members.

Here are some warm words from a few of them who we’ve been lucky enough to have with us on this journey.

“I could not have asked for a better team to join. Perflo as a company strives to explore and utilize the latest web technologies, which helped me to improve both my career and development skills. It's an engaging and opportunistic environment and the team's dynamic approach towards tackling problems was both inspiring and educational. I always felt that I was growing while working there and would highly recommend it to others!”

sol zilberman

"It has been a privilege to be a part of Perflo. I’ve always felt like an equal member of the team and was empowered to take on challenging tasks and make an impact on the end product. Despite facing these challenges, there was always someone I could talk to who could steer me in the right direction, which naturally fostered a high-learning environment. My learning experience was broadened by the fact that Perflo uses the latest tools and technologies which helped me improve my current skills, learn new ones, and become a better version of myself every day! I would definitely recommend working here!"

sufian mushtaq

“Working for Perflo was an absolute pleasure as they provided a flexible working environment where I was able to work at my own hours. It also helped me boost my technical as well as project management skills by working on new web technologies for everyday tasks. Overall, I would summarize Perflo as a place which allows employees to grow and learn new things every day, and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to work here!”

usama muhammad ljiaz

“Working with Perflo was a great experience for me. I grew substantially as a designer within only a couple months. The team was ambitious, set strict deadlines, and was always ready to lend a helping hand, if necessary. I also had the opportunity to work under the Senior UX/UI Designer, Anina, who mentored me greatly along the way.”


Our Values

They guide us both internally and externally.

Best Idea Wins

No matter if it’s the CEO or the Intern, great ideas supersede title and we value input from every team member equally.

Data Speaks Louder Than Words

In every decision we make, whether it’s a new feature or a landing page, it must be backed by either research or testing.

Move With Urgency

This is not about competition, it’s about learning and building fast, delivering value to our customers as quickly as possible.

Radical Honesty

We value honesty and transparency above compliments. Radical honesty allows us to always be learning and growing.

Eat The Dog Food

We ought to practice what we preach, as a company, team and individual. We use our own tool and methodology every day.

Deep Work

This means fewer meetings and flexible working so people can focus on being productive in the place that suits them.

Interested in working with us?

Drop us a line and let us know what’s on your mind.