Higher Engagement

Happier Employees


Efficient Managers

Accurate Data 

Increased Productivity

There's something for everyone with Perflo.


View organizational activity & performance on both a granular and high level.

Identify the teams and individuals which need attention at an early stage.




Know what is expected of me, get meaningful feedback and growth opportunities.

Execute more successful projects and increase team performance.


Bias is always prevalent in performance reviews and feedback - with such critical decisions being made from this data such as pay and promotion, it is vital to ensure the accuracy of the data as this not only affects the individual but ultimately the entire organization.

Did You Know?

71% of employees believe their performance reviews are unfair

How Our System Helps?


By increasing the frequency of data inputs the accuracy of performance data will improve over time.


When it’s time to make critical decisions, all parties have access to year round data to ensure accuracy of events.

Multiple Data Sources

By utilizing data from the other tools we use and interact with daily we are able to build a more holistic view.


Instead of choosing your friend to give you ‘feedback’, now feedback comes only from the people you work and interact with daily. 

Down The Line...

Artificial Intelligence

Using this technology we will be able to automatically detect correlations, variances and anomalies within the data analyzed and alert decision makers.

Integration Analysis

Over time, the more tools we integrate with we will be able to further diversify the types of incoming data to make smarter correlations and draw more accurate insights.

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Copyright - PremoteMe Inc 2019