Real-time performance management that is integrated into the natural cycle of work. 



Develop a culture of innovation through an 'Ideas Board' which allows for those ideas which have not been given a voice to to be heard. Unleash creative potential in your organization.

Micro Reviews

Micro Reviews to improve the work we do and Identify areas to improve. Individual as well as team performance is reviewed at intervals based on tasks, milestones or project completion.

People Analytics

No more vanity metrics.  Dashboards tailored for managers, HR and the C-Suite. One place to tell me everything I need to know about activity and performance across my organization enabling better strategic decisions and interventions.

Talent Development

Focused on a 'growth mindset', we have built our tool to fuel development of soft skills, talents and teams. By not only focusing on 'what can be improved' but taking actionable steps, in real time.


Set up or integrate agile projects and individual expectations in seconds. Agree upon success criteria to ensure alignment and clarity. Performance and project management are now integrated.


Shifting from hierarchical to flat, distributed or virtual teams. Aligning teams with the right projects, managing and measuring everyone's contribution individually as well as collectively.


Combining recognition with performance management has proven a hugely effective technique to motivate our workforce, increase engagement and sustain a 'high morale' culture.


With the data collected from 'micro reviews', 'check in's', 'team stand ups' and 'projects', we are able to better equip managers and their reports to have meaningful discussions with action plans going forward.

Did You Know?

90% of organizations that have redesigned their performance management have seen direct improvements in engagement

We will continue to innovate in the field and lead academic research alongside our product team and partnered universities.



For us to pull your data, vote for your favourite project management tool!



Why wait till it's too late? Alerts, will help management identify issues to fix in real time related to projects and individual performers.

A micro-learning portal empowering managers to be more effective and employees on how to embrace a culture of learning and growth.



Utilising pattern recognition, our models will be able to detect what makes successful teams and what impacts high performance. ‚Äč


Attach non-tangible incentives to team expectations to foster team inclusion, morale and motivation.

Artificial Intelligence

The application of machine learning has the potential to detect and eliminate bias so frequently found in performance management.

Copyright - PremoteMe Inc 2019


Copyright - PremoteMe Inc 2019