Success Measures

We have curated a library of over 50 criteria that help management to define success in a clear and measurable way. We allow for custom measures to be added as well as reusable templates.

Micro Reviews

Micro Reviews to improve the work we do and Identify areas to improve. Individual as well as team performance is reviewed at intervals based on tasks, milestones or project completion.

People Analytics

No more vanity metrics.  Dashboards tailored for managers, HR and the C-Suite. One place to tell me everything I need to know about activity and performance across my organization enabling better strategic decisions and interventions.

Team Development

We have built our tool to enable 'real-time growth' for both team members and team leaders. This is where the people team should help fuel the upskilling of teams to achieve higher alignment & success.


Set up or integrate agile projects and individual expectations in seconds. Agree upon success criteria to ensure alignment and clarity. Performance and project management are now integrated.


We allow for fast and seamless assembling of agile teams consisting of all worker types. You now have the ability to add freelancers to projects, hold them accountable and measure their performance in real-time.


Combining recognition with performance management has proven a hugely effective technique to motivate our workforce, increase engagement and sustain a 'high morale' culture.


Our feedback workflow is designed to empower team members to give continuous and contextual feedback. In addition we allow for 'feedback rating' which ensures that feedback is always helpful.

Which Project Management Tool Does Your Team Use?


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