Expose the blind spots in your projects when it matters

Expose the blind spots in your projects when it matters.

Let Perflo gather and analyze feedback from your team and stakeholders while you work, identifying areas of attention which may threaten project success.

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Insights that matter at each stage of the project lifecycle

Perflo helps you understand where your time and energy can be most impactful


As the project kicks off we actively ensure everyone is 100% clear on their role, expectations and clearly understand the goals of the project.


Throughout the project we measure how the team operates and ensure they have the resources and support they need to do great work together.


As the project closes, we look back on all the data analyzed from teams and stakeholders to assess project outcomes and intended impact.

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How it works

Less than 5 minutes to get up and running

We designed Perflo to be as easy to use as possible because as team leads ourselves,
we know there is too little time and too many apps.

Sync your team’s tools

Connect your project and IM tools with a click of a button and Perflo will bolt on to your team’s Slack or MS Teams channel.

Outline success measures

Define what you’d like to measure throughout the project, either using the Perflo library or by creating your own.

Start receiving insights

As soon as your teams are on the Perflo train we will begin the feedback loops and start feeding you insights.

Measure the outcomes you
want to drive, proactively.

We’ve all heard the saying “what you measure is what you get”, but we’ve never really known how to apply it. For the first time, proactive measures can be applied to your specific projects, driving the results you desire.

Measures Library

Template Abilities

Custom Measures

Comparitive Reporting

Driving success measure performance with Perflo

Micro-Feedback Types

Our seasoned product designers and behavioural psychologists have designed extremely low touch methods of collecting bite size feedback through Slack and MS Teams, eliminating the use of dreadful and tedious surveys.


The 30 second Micro-Review is automatically sent out at intervals according to the length of your project.

Team Pulse

The 45 Second Team Pulse is sent out at key stages of the project, gathering specific data to that stage of the project.

Stakeholder Pulse

The Stakeholder Pulse is sent out at key project stages, gathering feedback which is relevant for stakeholders.

Monitor team alignment,
pinpoint potential danger zones.

Our research and experience affirm that behind every successful project, exists a highly aligned project team. Perflo tracks alignment from the very early stages of a project, helping to keep teams, project leaders and stakeholders aligned every step of the way.

Monitor team alignment with Perflo

Leverage previous project data,
improve future project outcomes.

Perflo's project performance data gives you actionable intelligence to implement on your future projects. The more projects use Perflo the more valuable the tool becomes as it learns from previous project data to better future projects.

Form stronger teams

Know what to avoid

Assign the right leads

Know what to propel

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