Insights that matter at each stage of the project lifecycle.

Get Rich and Actionable Insights

Perflo helps you understand where your time and energy can be most impactful

In-Sync With Your Flow

Perflo exists as a layer in between your existing tools, allowing you to seamlessly link existing project information in order to start tracking performance.

Zero Onboarding Required

Assemble teams directly from your Slack workspace in seconds. Save your team the time and effort of signing up and creating yet another username and password. 

Proactive Project Performance

Drive project specific outcomes through pre-defined success measures ensuring your project team is set up for success right from the beginning. 

Keep A Pulse On Your Team

Micro-Feedback Loops

Automate continuous feedback loops through Slack which are designed not to exceed 30 seconds and run in the background at intervals according to your project's length. 

Real-Time Alignment Insights

Identify areas of misalignment within your project teams and across all stakeholders. Prevent your project from going in different directions before it happens.

Team Performance Data

Access meaningful data on your team's health and engagement. Perflo will highlight the areas in need of attention so you can focus on empowering your team.

Additional Features

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