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The ultimate continuous performance management software for your project-based teams.

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Measure Team Performance

We have a system for individual performance yet we work in teams? With Perflo you get rich insights on team performance in relation to the projects they execute. Further understand the root causes of team performance.

Measure Project Health

We don't mean 'task complete'. Pinpoint at an early stage the causes of potential project failure and intervene accordingly. Perflo gives you real-time alerts for when your projects may be going off track. 

Detect Misalignment Early On

No other tool can give you a defined read on alignment like Perflo. We measure the alignment between project leaders, members and stakeholders and alert you when your project team is going in different directions.

Learn From Previous Projects

With invaluable data on past project and teams performance at your disposal, you can now build projects and teams more efficiently in the future and know exactly which areas to focus on when doing that. 

What People Are Saying About Perflo...

“I am impressed with Perflo's take on performance management. Its something I haven't seen in the PM technology marketplace to date. Being able to access already existing project management plans and leveraging them in a PM platform saves time and makes PM more aligned with everyday business”.

Rob Ollander-Krane

Head Of Talent Planning, GAP Inc


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of projects fail, although business units will report only 30% fail.


of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects.


is the average amount lost for every $1B spent on projects


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