Project-Based Reviews To Enhance Team Performance.

A better way to measure and increase  performance in your project-based team.

Why Traditional Performance Management Doesn’t Work For Project-Based Teams?

The Current Process Is...

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Individual Centric

Goals Based



How Are We Different?

Perflo is the first real-time performance management software built for project-based teams.

Team Centric


Project Based


Growth Focused

Our Methodology: To create transparent and proactive performance measures for teams and its members, which seamlessly integrate into the natural cycle of work.

What People Are Saying About Perflo...

“I am impressed with Perflo's take on performance management. Its something I haven't seen in the PM technology marketplace to date. Being able to access already existing project management plans and leveraging them in a PM platform saves time and makes PM more aligned with everyday business”.

Rob Ollander-Krane

Head Of Talent Planning, GAP Inc

Companies that correlated business performance to HR data experienced growth of 120%

Did You Know?

Our Mission

To redesign the way teams execute projects and help them reach optimal levels of productivity & alignment.


Optimal Productivity & Alignment

Where teams work together to achieve the collective vision, not compete to achieve their individual goals.

Continuous progress and health tracking to detect issues at an early stage and put out fires before it's too late.

When performance management is 'collaborative' and not 'assigned'.

Clearer Expectations

Where team members are crystal clear on their expectations.

When performance measures are proactive and not reactive.

Measure what matters and drive the results you desire.

Seamless Workflows

"Not another tool!"

We know how many different tools team use on a daily basis and that's why we have built our's as a layer that sits on top of your existing work and communication tools. 

Integrations and customization functions that allow you to design your own way of seamless working.

Meaningful Insights

'Task Complete' is a vanity metric in our eyes.


We provide management with unique and actionable insights in real-time that can have an immediate impact.

You can set up the questions and measures you want insights on and view the results in our beautifully tailored dashboards.


Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profit than non agile firms.

Did You Know?

Why Now?

In the new world of work, the way we work has shifted from 'individual' to 'team' yet most processes of evaluation remain suited to 'individual' only.


of projects fail, although business units will report only 30% fail.


of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects.


of employees under age 30 want feedback on a daily or weekly basis.


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