Performance Management Reimagined

A better way to measure performance and increase productivity in teams.

Performance Management Reimagined

Why does a single date on the calendar represent the time to assess an individual's or team's performance? Whether it's one or four times a year, it's an outdated and a proven inefficient process. 


Thanks to cutting edge research in performance management, behavioural science and the application of intuitive technology, we were able to redesign the old and broken process without constraining the insight and granular data needed to empower and grow our people.

Our methodology is to create transparent and proactive performance measures for teams and it's members, which seamlessly integrates into the natural cycle of work.


Welcome to Performance Management 4.0.

Agile. Collaborative. Real-Time.

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Team Centric


Output Driven


Growth Focused

Our holistic approach is derived from various behavioral and management science methodologies such as: 4DX, PERMA, ROWE, MRI and Micro-wins.


Using Perflo, you get real time insights on team and individual performance as well as their skills delta, which you can act on immediately to develop and empower your people quicker than ever before.

We bridge the gap between our day to day work and our (dreaded) performance reviews.

Did You Know?

Only 12% of US companies, were not planning on rethinking their performance management systems.


We’re on a mission to redesign performance management and build ‘growth cultures’ within organizations, thereby improving the employee experience, increasing productivity, and ultimately reducing the alarming attrition rates globally.

We believe a large part of this attrition is because the ‘new employee’ is caught in between the frameworks of ‘old management’.


The way we motivate, manage and reward the new workforce needs an update, and we're on a mission to accelerate it.

Improved Employee Experience

A world where employees want to come to work.


Where HR acts as 'people enablers' not 'process enforcers'.

Where organizations see their people as important as they see their customers.


Where managers are leaders and coaches.

Where the expectations across teams are clearly defined and understood. 

Where performance measures are proactive and not reactive.

Where teams work together to achieve the collective vision, not compete to achieve their individual visions.

Optimal Productivity & Alignment

Higher Levels Of Engagement

A world where the place you work inspires you, and what you do matters and is celebrated.


Where employees and leaders nurture each other to create a truly collaborative and meaningful workplace.


Where high performers empower low performers to reach their full potential.

Lower Attrition Rates

In this new world of improved employee experiences and higher levels of engagement, loyalty will be reinstated.


A world where my manager is my mentor and my peers support me throughout my career.


Why would I want to leave this environment, one that is architectured for my growth and success?



Agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profit than non agile firms.

Did You Know?


74 percent of millennials feel “in the dark” about how they’re performing at work yet in all other aspects of their lives, feedback is instantaneous and in real time. Perhaps this is why 28 percent of millennials surveyed by TriNet have responded to a performance review by searching for a new job.

(Only) of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them to improve.

growth in companies correlating business performance to HR data.

(only) of millennials say the feedback they do receive is meaningful. 

of CHRO’s believe their performance management system does not yield accurate information.

of employees under age 30 want feedback on a daily or weekly basis.

of Millennials cite professional development as the most important factor in a job.







Millennial turnover is costing the economy an incredible $30.5 billion annually.

Did You Know?

More than one-third of U.S. companies have already abandoned the traditional appraisal process.


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